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Calling all District 7150 Club Leaders
From District Governor Pete:
Your experience as a Rotary leader guided your Rotary Club to develop and grow during your year as club president. These same skills are needed at the District level to help all District 7150 Rotary Clubs connect with each other, provide clubs with resources, train club leaders, qualify for Rotary grants, and conduct Rotary Youth programs and events. Communications and collaborations among Rotary Clubs in our District rely on you and the leadership qualities that have made you a successful club leader. 
Please step up to visit other Rotary Clubs, Engage in Dialogue and Open Lines of Communication, and Develop Cooperative Service Projects. Your skills, experience, and enthusiasm could help drive new initiatives, create stronger fellowships among all Rotarians, and provide critical support for the success of club and district activities and events.
 There are a number of ways for you to get involved to enhance and expand areas of service, address ongoing functions and projects, and increase the breadth and depth of service activities. Choose from among the suggestions ON PAGE #, in this newsletter. Please reach out to contact me, or any member of the district executive committee, and describe your Rotary passion. We invite you to express your interest in increasing communications about any potential Rotary service areas that could make a difference and improve Rotary Serving Humanity in the District 7150 Rotary World. 
We invite you to express your interest in increasing communications about any Rotary Service Area. Please reach out to contact me, or email any member of the district executive committee, to describe your Rotary passion and express your interest in increasing communications among all District 7150 Rotary Clubs about any of these, or other potential Rotary service area. We want to help you develop the means to make a difference and improve Rotary Serving Humanity in the District 7150 Rotary World. 
ASSISTANT GOVERNOR: The role of the Assistant Governor (AG) is to support and strengthen clubs in your area. AGs are part of the district leadership team, with the responsibility to focus on becoming familiar with each club in your area. AGs have continual and meaningful contact with club leaders, regularly attend club meetings, and identify resources that will support club needs. Assistant Governors in the district collaborate to share ideas and strategies on how best to support all the clubs in the district.
LITERACY: Are you a Rotarian with a passion for literacy service? There is a wide breadth and depth of ongoing local work in District 7150 literacy initiatives. We invite you to help our clubs expand their literacy service. Help to foster awareness of areas of literacy service, increase coordination and cooperation among clubs, extend the reach and impact of current literacy service projects, and increase the variety and scope of literacy projects.
SHOWCASE EVERY ROTARY CLUB AT DISTRICT CONFERENCE: District conference in April is the preeminent opportunity for every Rotary Club to exchange ideas and showcase achievements. The district conference committee is seeking Rotarians to contact every Rotary club and assist them with a plan to display the good works they do to other District Clubs at District Conference. Encourage attendance, Publicize the conference to the media, community leaders, and beneficiaries of club service efforts, and Work to find and offer effective district seminars during the conference.
SHOWCASE EVERY ROTARY CLUB IN ROTARY 315: Rotary 315! is an opportunity to showcase District Rotary Clubs in every Central New York community, where Rotary Clubs communicate their rich club histories and what is unique about their Rotary club. In addition, we need Rotarians to recruit Rotary affiliated businesses to use this targeted advertising opportunity.  Rotary 315 is distributed at District Conference and will have a full year shelf life. Every Rotarian in District 7150 will receive a copy of this booklet and clubs will receive extra copies to use with prospective members or distribute wherever there is an opportunity for people, young and old,  to read and learn about various ways of Rotary Serving Humanity in District 7150.
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ROTARY FRIENDSHIP EXCHANGE: Through Rotary Friendship Exchanges Rotary members can learn about another culture by taking turns hosting and visiting one another. Specifically, you can identify exchange partners and work witc Clubs to encourage members to participate in exchanges, assist clubs to plan exchanges, promote the program to clubs in your district, and publicize stories about exchanges.
VOCATIONAL SERVICE (Restore Group Study Exchange opportunities through Vocational Training Teams): Achieve vocational service communication by encouraging Rotary Clubs to join together to use their professional skills to support international communications focused on an area of service. You can help identify resources, local and international partners, and encourage the formation of vocational training teams to promote international peace and understanding.
COMMUNITY SERVICE: Rotarians can work with District Rotary Clubs to support innovative and sustainable service projects, serve as subject matter experts, and share resources and best practices for their avenue of service. You can work with Rotary Clubs to develop local service projects that address their community's needs, encourage clubs to use Rotary's online tools for planning, implementing and evaluating, and also encourage clubs to find project partners and browse the online Rotary Showcase for ideas.
INTERNATIONAL SERVICE: International service coordinators work with District Rotary Clubs to develop international projects. Help identify resources to design high quality global grants by assisting clubs in leveraging local Rotarian expertise, establishing connections between clubs in the district and host an international partner. Create a network of local experts to help with project planning and the grant application process. In addition, you can collaborate with the Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisers, Rotarian Action Groups, and other experts (including peace fellows and alumni) interested in assisting with projects and global grant applications, and publicize available international service initiatives.
NEW CLUB DEVELOPMENT (CLUB EXTENSION): You can work with the District Membership Chair and District Governor to identify communities that need new Rotary Clubs. You could help organize new clubs by Identifying communities without Rotary clubs (that have a population capable of meeting the requirements for chartering a new club), and helping clubs in communities served by existing clubs to find new ways to benefit from Satellite Clubs or a Rotary Club with a new structure.
YOUTH SERVICE & YOUNG LEADERS: A Youth Service coordinator promotes and supports all Rotary initiatives to help students and young professionals become strong leaders. Specifically, encourage clubs to expand youth opportunities by forming relationships with other organizations, and coordinate the activities of existing Youth Leadership Programs, assist current advisers and sponsors of Interact, Rotaract, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Students, or Rotary Youth Exchange (STEP, InBound or OutBound) Students to strengthen communications among these programs. Help increase public awareness and develop broad communications to reconnect program alumni with current Rotary service opportunities in these programs. Promote Youth Service Month in May. 
ROTARY FELLOWSHIPS: Rotary Fellowships give Rotarians the opportunity to have fun, make new friends around the world, and enhance their Rotary experience. To promote communication about Rotary Fellowships, connect members to existing Rotary Fellowships, invite fellowship members to speak to clubs, encourage members to develop new fellowships around a shared interest, and publicize events.
ROTARY COMMUNITY CORPS: Rotary Community Corps (RCC) are groups of non-Rotarians who support local service projects, help identify local needs, and take ownership of an existing project to increase its sustainability. In promoting Rotary Community Corps (RCC) you encourage clubs to sponsor new RCCs where needed and circulate the Rotary Community Corps Handbook.
ROTARY GLOBAL REWARDS: Rotary Global Rewards provides Rotary Members with a benefit program that offers member discounts on a variety of products and services. The Rotary Global Rewards Coordinator encourages members to access the program’s advantages by promoting the program at district meetings and other events. Learn and teach District Rotarians how to redeem or create an offer through Rotary Global Rewards at
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