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RI President Elect Jennifer Jones Announces Her Annual Theme
Inspired by The Beatles, incoming Rotary International President Jennifer Jones is asking Rotarians to imagine more, dream big and be the people of action that turn dreams into reality. The theme for the 2022-23 Rotary year will be “Imagine Rotary,” in the spirit of the song, “Imagine,” by The Beatles. The lyrics of the song talk about a better world, that’s more peaceful and where people come together – something Rotarians the world-over can identify with. Click here to read more about Jennifer’s thoughts behind her theme.
You can download the theme logo in several different formats and colors along the right hand side of this page, under Public Image Resources.
Remember though that we do not use this new theme until July 1 and we continue to Serve To Change Lives until then!

Public Image Training Materials
Below you can click the image to download and review this year's training presentation from Super Saturday, as well as past presentations for public image training in Disrict 7150. Need more information? Reach out to Lizzy at to set up a one-on-one session, a training for your club's leadership team or as a meeting program.
2022 Training:
2021 Trainings:
2019-2020 Trainings:
Since adding a seventh Area of Focus, Rotary's marketing gurus have created a new branding approach that includes graphics, colors and how we talk about them. The most important take-away is to know that we no longer should refer to the number of areas and instead simply call them our Areas of Focus. No six, no seven, just plain "Areas of Focus."
There are also new icons that have been created and made available in the Brand Center (see example below). Each has a designated color and you should never mix up the colors. Clubs can use these icons when explaining the types of humanitarian work that Rotary does to members and non-Rotarians alike. The icons give you a great visual and might help us all to remember all the areas!
Click here to download a zip file of all the icons, including groupings like you see here and individual icons.
Click here to download the branding guide so you know the best way to present our Areas of Focus.
All of this is also available in the menu on the right side of the page!
People of Action Narrative
-Highlight Rotarians as People of Action
-Where others see problems, Rotarians see solutions, possibilities for their community
-Share vision with fellow members and community partners and experts to exchange ideas about potential, lasting solutions
-Mobilize others to take action to bring those ideas to life
rotary people of action logo
Need Help?
Contact your D7150 Public Image Chair
Lizzy Martin
(315) 470-2107
Get assistance with:
-Social Media Strategy
-Web Site Content
-Finding Local Media Contacts
-Improving Your Clubs Visibility
and much more!
Set up a 1-on-1, a session just for your leadership or have her be a program at a club meeting to explain how every member can play a role in promoting Rotary's brand and your club's public image.
PR & Promotion for Your Club
Welcome to the Public Image section of the District 7150 site. Here you will find more information about promoting your club's news and activities, as well as tips for improving club communications. Check back often for updated news and information, case studies from around the district and anytime you need help!
Why promote Rotary?
The more Rotarians we have, the more good we can do in the world. We cannot attract more new Rotarians without telling the world what we are doing and why they would want to get in on the action! Even Rotary Founder Paul Harris thought promotion was important. He said,
"In the promotion of understanding, it is important to reach large numbers - non-Rotarians as well as Rotarians - and you can not reach large numbers privately." Increased awareness can result in increased membership and foundation giving (a concept we bring together for you at the OneRotary Summit).
Take the Time
Sometimes we spend so much time on the service we do that we don't set aside the resources needed to tell anyone what we just did. We also need to make sure we've assigned this responsibility to someone with the time and skills to do the job well. Consider a member who has experience in marketing, advertising, promotion or public relations to start. Make sure that the Rotarian who accepts the position reads the Public Relations Guide from Rotary International. It outlines the job description for this role and offers helpful advice on goal setting and more!
Have a Plan
For each event or Rotary story to be promoted, consider outlining a plan of attack. Who will you tell about it? How will you tell them? Do you need to schedule social media posts? When should signage be created? Who will take the photos? What kind of follow up should be considered? 
Setting a schedule for each of these kinds of activities will keep you on track to get the word out in a timely fashion, spread the dissemination of information to maximize coverage of the event/story and hopefully generate more awareness for you!
Make Connections
Much of your external communications will rely on local media outlets to cover your news. Make sure you have contacts and can develop relationships with the key decision-makers in media to give you the best shot at getting your story featured. Know the difference between media relations and media notification and you will go far!
Don't forget the unique, local opportunities like community newsletters or online-only news sources.
Tell Your Story
A good press release makes for a good story. In today's world, people want to know how something relates to them or why they should care before they will dedicate time or interest in something new. Avoid sending out fact-based press releases that simply provide details on your upcoming event, but rather feature how your event will impact the community, inspiring people to attend.
Click here for a quick guide on formatting a press release.

In today's world, you don't always have to submit a formal document like I outlined on the guide. You can just copy and paste the content into an email submission. Be sure to include a great picture and caption about what's in the picture!
Don't Forget Rotarians
Whether new members or veterans, keeping your membership informed is an important part of your work as the PR or PI chair. An informed membership can make your job easier, as you will have an army of Rotarians equipped to speak on what we do! As much as possible, you will want to make sure members know about upcoming activities, details on how fundraisers and programs went and even the basics like who is speaking at your next meeting. This can be accomplished through social media, your club web site and newsletters.
If you are a club president or PR chair looking for personalized advice, you can always contact the District 7150 PI Chair Lizzy Martin.